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The organisation comprises a team of dedicated and professional people. The team has vast experience of handling various jobs and assignments.

The organization also consists of senior and junior executives, some of whom have been working with the organization for over two decades. Strategic planning is undertaken by Mr. S K Sarkar in consultation with senior staff members. The plans are executed by executive staff under the able guidance and supervision of senior staff. The executive staff is provided freedom in their operational work and are responsible for presenting a complete report based on guidelines laid down by senior members.

The work atmosphere at Sarkar & Associates is cordial and highly professional. This level of competence has been maintained due to years of experience. Highly qualified people with good upbringing have ensured a sophisticated culture in the organisation.

All problems are tackled by the team working in unison and ultimately resolving the issues at hand. It is this togetherness that has helped in building the organisation. Every team member ensures that the work churned out is of high quality. The organisation values each of its clients irrespective of their size.

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