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Sarkar & Associates was established in New Delhi, India in 1977 by Mr. S. K. Sarkar.

It is engaged in providing a wide range of services in various fields to its esteemed clientele. Sarkar & Associates is a well knit structure of 20+ employees including professionally qualified personnel.

Over the years, Sarkar & Associates have provided services in the fields of :-

Statutory Audit, Internal & Management Audits,
Taxation Advice & Representation, Finance, Financial Adviser,
Project Reports, Company Law, Setting up of Non-Profit making Bodies,
Setting up of Foreign Branches & Liaison Offices,
Restructuring and Re-organisation of Companies / Businesses,
Mergers, Amalgamations, Takeovers, Management buy-outs,
Foreign Collaborations, Bank Audits, Accounting and Tax Services,
Agreements and Contracts,Mediation, Arbitration

Statutory Audits    ||   Finance   ||  Foreign Collaborations  ||   Company Law    ||  Taxation   ||   Financial Adviser    ||  
Accounting and Tax Services
   ||   Business Consultancy   

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